Gina Matenga and Thomas Fahy, Co-Founder and CEO


G & T Homes

Ultimate Home Selling Experience

Have you been struggling to sell your home for a long time? Do you feel like you are stuck and no one wants to buy your home?

Potentially the reason you need to sell quickly is down to a relationship breakdown or change in your current/previous financial situation, both of which are extremely stressful life hurdles. Or it could be as simple as missing out on purchasing your dream home due to waiting to sell your existing home.

Gina Matenga

Co-Founder and Director

I spent 23 years of my life in New Zealand, I am currently living in London, United Kingdom, and have been for the past two years. My skill set has evolved from providing advisory services to the New Zealand Mining Board, to becoming a tenacious strategic seller. I am a highly ambitious person with the drive to exceed under any circumstance.

I have been in the property market in New Zealand for the past 3 years and owned property myself. I have really enjoyed the challenge that property has introduced to my life. Following numerous conversations with Thomas we decided to establish G & T Homes.

Thomas Fahy

Co-Founder and Director

I am a New Zealander born and raised, with a background in construction accounting. I have worked in New Zealand, London, England and Vancouver, Canada. My specialty lies in managing large commercial and residential budgets for development and construction projects.

I have always had an interest in property. The buying, the selling and the intricacies of each and every deal has lead to Gina and I to pursue real estate investing. We have the formula and team to make this a success for all parties involved.



Sell your house on your terms with a FREE cash offer,


Any property, any condition, any location


We buy all homes in any condition at competitive prices and deliver homeowners the ultimate home selling experience in just 30 days.

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